Hi There,

First of all, my name is Bonmedo Tambunan, which my friends call me by Boni. As you might aready guess, I am an author. I wrote my first novel, which is a fantasy novel, at seventeen. In 2009, my first novel, Xar & Vichattan: The Throne of Light, was published in Indonesia in Bahasa Indonesia. My subsequent works have also been published in Bahasa Indonesia. In 2016, the Xar & Vichattan: The Heirs to Light (The Throne of Light, Tempest, and The Four Bodies of Statera) series is translated into English and going to be published in Amazon real soon.

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. As you might already guess, I am not an english native speaker. What you might not have known about me, I am a retired competitive ballroom dancer, fitness enthusiast, and also … a dessert lover. I also have a day job as a banker. When I am not working or writing, you can find me doing exercise at the gym or spending my time in Jakarta malls.

Now, hope you enjoy my blog. I can be contacted here, or Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @bonmedo.

Sincerely Yours,


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