Xar & Vichattan starts out as a NaNoWriMo project, which I continued to work on in between classes during college. Never occur to me that Xar & Vichattan will be published, until sixteen years later in 2009, this project is finally came up as a novel in Indonesian language. Xar & Vichattan, or more affectionately known as XV came up in a series of three: Takhta Cahaya, Prahara, dan Empat Tubuh Statera. The three books are known as Xar & Vichattan – Ahli Waris Cahaya series, or in english, Xar & Vichattan – The Heirs to Light.

In 2016, with the aid of an Indonesian translator Eve Shi, I managed to get the three books translated in English, and is on his way to self published it on Amazon.

There are however lots of Xar & Vichattan’s world that are still left unexplored. I for sure will release more works on Xar & Vichattan while working on my other projects.